Holistic Health Consulting & Divine Energy Healing
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Are you ready to step into health and wellness more fully? 
Are you ready to come into alignment with your truth? 
Are you ready to receive the blessings of the Divine Feminine?

Are you ready to step into health, wellness and aliveness? 

Are you ready to come into alignment with your true purpose? 


Hi!  I'm Jen

You are being called into the health and wellness and aliveness that is your birthright. You are ready to come into alignment with your true purpose. And the Divine Feminine is calling you, guiding the way, and offering you her blessings now.

Quan Yin, Goddess of Compassion, works through me and is involved in everything being offered here.  Quan Yin offers Grace, Compassion, and other energetic gifts.  Together, we work with people living with chronic pain and other long-standing health issues, as well as those in the midst of intense spiritual processes.

As well as following and offering the guidance and energetic gifts from Quan Yin, I draw upon my own personal experience with living with and healing from severe chronic pain as well as chronic fatigue. I use a combination of Intuition, Education, and Divine Guidance to facilitate clients Remembering and Realigning with their own Innate Health.  


Divine Blueprint Work
Shamanic Energy Healing
Divine Energy Healing
Etheric Body Healing
Soul Retrieval
Lineage Healing
Connecting with Spirit Guides
Nutrition Consultation
Herbal, Crystal, or Color Remedies