Holistic Health Consulting & Divine Energy Healing
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Hi! I'm Jen. 

I offer...


Hi! I'm Jen.


I offer Group Energy Healings and Small Group Healings.

I also offer a limited number of Private Sessions for Energy Healing & Holistic Health Consulting.

I work with people in the midst of intense spiritual processes, as well as people living with chronic pain and other long-standing health issues. 

I use a combination of Intuition, Education, and Divine Guidance to facilitate clients Remembering and Realigning with their own Innate Health.  

In everything I offer, I work closely with Quan Yin, The Goddess, and Mary Magdalene, as well as other Divine Beings. 

I also draw upon my own personal experience with living with and healing from severe chronic pain as well as chronic fatigue. 

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Divine Blueprint Work

Shamanic Energy Healing

Divine Energy Healing

Etheric Body Healing

Soul Retrieval

Lineage Healing

Connecting with Spirit Guides

Nutrition Consultation

Herbal, Crystal, or Color Remedies


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